Storage Shed Material: Wood Vs Resin

There are two main advantages associated with the installation of residential sheds. The first of these is the additional storage space that shed installation provides. The second and perhaps more important advantage is that installation of a storage shed on the residential premises increases the amount of useable space around the house, thereby increasing the financial value of the property.

Homeowners are forced to choose between different types of materials when looking to invest in a residential storage shed. Resin and wood are among the most common materials used to make storage sheds. This article discusses the two shed materials for the benefit of homeowners looking to make an investment in either.

Wooden Storage Sheds

Wood is the traditional storage shed material. It is preferred for shed fabrication for its versatility among other reasons. Wooden storage sheds can be custom-made to assume virtually any shape and/ or size. These sheds are also preferred for aesthetic reasons. Wooden sheds are either painted or stained to give them a colour that blends in well with other decorative items around the shed area.

On the down side, storage sheds made of wood are more vulnerable to the potentially damaging effects of harsh weather elements (especially temperature and humidity). Extreme temperature is known to cause warping of the wooden surface of storage sheds while excess humidity is known to rot the wooden surfaces. In both situations, the structural integrity of the storage shed is compromised.

Homeowners who choose wood as their preferred storage shed material should be ready to re-do the paint finish on the wooden shed whenever it peels or fades off. The paint finish acts as a layer of protection that prevents penetration of moisture into the wood used to make the shed.

Resin Storage Sheds

Resin storage sheds are also referred to as vinyl, plastic, or polyethylene sheds in some quarters. Resin storage sheds are increasingly becoming popular for various reasons. The plastic material used in the fabrication of resin sheds allows the homeowner to enjoy the convenience of having a lighter storage shed without sacrificing on its structural strength.

Resin storage sheds can either have single or double-wall panel construction. Some shed manufacturers incorporate the use of integrated steel supports in shed construction so as to provide additional strength to the structure of the shed.

Resin storage sheds are preferred for their low maintenance. They have commendable stain and moisture resistance. The shed will not rot upon exposure to moisture and will not crack easily upon exposure to external force.  

Despite their structural strength, resin sheds cannot match up to their wooden counterparts in terms of the ability to bear weight hanging from the walls of the shed. Also, resin sheds seldom feature overhead loft areas, which are almost a common characteristic of wooden residential storage sheds.

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