Three Critical Planting Machines for Agricultural Operations

Selecting the right agricultural equipment for your farm is essential in increasing long-term efficiency and profitability of the operation. In simple terms, the machinery will allow faster and effective completion of tasks. Moreover, the labour requirements will decline with the incorporation of advanced implements. One of the categories of farming equipment that you should consider acquiring is planting machinery. These are designed to allow place seeds and seedlings into the ground, allowing establishment and growth. Here are the ideal planting machines that you should think about investing in to streamline your agricultural business.

Seed Drill

The seed drill is designed and constructed as a sowing implement that places seeds into the ground and covers them with soil. The equipment will position the seeds at equal distances in a regular pattern and at proper depths. This makes the seed drill an ideal choice for crops that should be planted in rows. The machine is precise, so it limits poor distribution of seeds and subsequent low productivity. The immediate covering action will protect your freshly sowed seeds from birds and rodents. This implement can be driven using a tractor or even bullocks, but the former option is more favourable for a modern large-scale operation.

Seed Spreader

As implied, the seed spreader is an agricultural machine used for distributing seeds on the ground. These are not precise or intricate like the seeds drills, but they can complete the pertinent planting tasks faster. There are two primary configurations of the seed spreader--drop and broadcast spreaders. The drop spreaders have a bucket-like container for seeds with adjustable holes at the bottom. The seed is spread from these holes uniformly as the equipment is pushed over the ground. The broadcast alternative can cover more area, but the equipment lacks the even distribution presented by drop spreaders. This type has a spinning disk that shoots the seeds over the field from the implement's containment.


If you are starting an agricultural operation that requires transplanting seedlings such as rice and planting them in a secondary location, you should consider acquiring a transplanter. This equipment will reduce the manual energy and physical labour required to obtain the seedlings, transport them and plant them in the field. Moreover, there will be less stress damage to the young plants since the process will be faster. You can choose a walking or riding transplanter for your operation. The riding design is more efficient since you can drive the implement when picking the seedlings and moving them to the main farm.