How to Deal With Common PVC Door Problems

Some homeowners incur unnecessary replacement costs when they replace each PVC door that becomes defective. However, not all defects on those doors are irreparable. This article discusses some solutions to common PVC door problems that you can implement on your own.

Alignment Problems

PVC doors are usually heavy. These doors are usually aligned using a combination of screws and spacers. Over time, some screws may loosen and cause the door to lose its alignment. Don't discard such a door under the mistaken belief that it has reached the end of its service life. Instead, adjust the screws that hold the door in its frame. Keep testing how easily the door opens as you make the screw adjustments. Tighten the screws once the door has started opening easily.

Faulty Weather Stripping

Moisture and low temperature can damage your exterior PVC door in case the weather stripping is not repaired after it was damaged. The insulation of your home can also be compromised if the weather stripping on the PVC door is damaged. You can fix this problem by buying a roll of flexible weather stripping from a hardware store near you. Buy the type that adheres automatically once it is put onto the inner frame of the PVC door. Replace all the damaged weather stripping with the rolls that you have bought.

Hardware Failure

The locks and handles on your PVC doors are heavily used on a daily basis. This heavy use predisposes those pieces of door hardware to premature wear. For instance, the spindle may become exposed once the door handle falls off the door. Similarly, the door lock may seize up after the locking pins wear. These problems can be fixed easily by buying replacement parts from hardware stores near you. Follow the instructions given during the installation of the specific model of door hardware that you have purchased.

Damage to the Door Structure

The PVC door can sustain physical damage due to several reasons, such as accidentally drilling a hole in it during a DIY project. Such physical damage can be repaired using repair kits available on the market. The kits usually contain filler materials and sanding tools to smooth the filler so that it is flush with the rest of the door. Instant paint can be mixed to ensure that the repair site is indistinguishable from the rest of the PVC door.

The repairs above may require varying degrees of experience with different tools. Ask PVC door refurbishment professionals for help in case you lack the necessary skills to repair your damaged door on your own.