Industrial Ducting: Three Important Spiral Tubing Selection Options

Industrial ducts are built to withstand heavy usage and adverse environmental conditions. However, they are not everlasting, so they will eventually become degraded and fail, necessitating replacement. If you are planning on replacing your old ductwork, you should consider selecting spiral industrial ducting. This design is an ideal choice for ventilation, air conditioning and even exhaust and dust extraction. Moreover, this type of product is economical and highly durable for industrial application. When shopping for your ideal spiral tubing ducts, consider these outlined fabrication options before purchase.

Steel or Aluminium

Spiral tubes intended for use as industrial ducts are manufactured using either steel or aluminium. Steel is considered to be a great choice because the material is resilient, mechanically strong and highly durable. Its only notable shortcoming is the susceptibility to rust when exposed to moisture. Therefore, if you decide to acquire steel industrial ducts, choose galvanised or stainless steel products. Aluminium metal is lightweight, so its strength is not exceptionally high. However, the material is resistant to corrosion, and the tubes are relatively easy to install in your industrial structure. You should compare these two material options before purchase to ensure longevity and great performance.

Pre-Insulated or Plain Sheet Metal

Proper insulation is crucial for spiral tubes designed for installation as ductwork. However, when purchasing these products, you can typically choose between pre-insulated tubes or plain sheet metal. In general, the former option is more favourable. Pre-insulated tubes can be installed directly after delivery, and this choice limits the need to acquire the insulation fibre separately. On the other hand, there are different requirements with regard to ducting in the industrial environment. If you purchase plain spiral tubes, you can customise the insulation design to match your exact needs. Moreover, if you need the ducting for exhaust fumes or dust extraction, you might not need to install insulation.

Standard or High Pressure Ducts

You should evaluate your spiral tubing needs with regard to the pressure of the air or other materials to be transferred through the ducts. Standard ductwork is intended for low pressure applications such as interior space air conditioning or ventilation. Since the force exerted is low, the ducts are connected using slip joints. Basically, the spiral tube ends which are female in design are connected together using male fittings. If you would like ductwork for high pressure applications, you should choose welded spiral tubes. The connection points are welded together, creating a resilient joint.

For the best long-term performance, discuss all your spiral ducting options with your supplier.