A Look at the numerous uses of scrap metal

Many people dispose of all kinds of metal and metallic materials that they deem useless. Interestingly, these metals can be collected and recycled by large recycling companies around the world. Examples of scrap metals include iron, steel, brass, aluminium and copper and you should note that these metals can be reused numerous times to create new products. By reducing the amount of scrap metal through recycling, you directly benefit the environment by minimising the need for mining companies to mine for these metals. Fortunately, scrap metals have an array of uses, which you can engage in and even profit from at the end of the day.  

Industrial and manufacturing uses

There are numerous scrap metal recycling companies that collect the scrap metal and manufacture entirely new items that are sold back to the people, such as building materials and office or home appliances. Aluminium and scrap iron are good examples of scrap metals recycled for industrial and manufacturing use. There are several items that require an increased concentration of scrap metals in their manufacturing process such as ductwork, aircraft and automobile manufacturing, industrial containers, plumbing and appliances. They are also used in construction projects to make bridges and roads. This will reduce your production cost as recycled metal is far much cheaper than other processed and alternative metals.

Packaging uses

Recycled metal such as steel and aluminium are used as new and innovative food packaging materials. Most food cans are completely made from recycled scrap metal, while others contain a certain percentage of it. The disposed cans can be recycled and remade into new cans and containers several months after use. This is an extremely economical and efficient manufacturing process for food container companies. In addition, it is an eco-friendly and cost-effective way of making packaging containers instead of using new materials.

Artistic Uses

Most modern decorative metalwork and home artwork are made from scrap metal, which gives the metal a fresh and appealing purpose. There are artists who have specialised in creating art and decorative metalwork from scrap metal as their line of work, and they have clients who pay for their unique art.  

Home use

One of the uses of scrap metal is the creation of new home items and components such as lighting, fixtures and home furnishings. A fine example is the metal roofing in most homes. The metal used to create the metal roof is mostly composed of recycled metals.