5 Reasons to Use Reclaimed Timber Beams for Your Exterior Cladding

Having cladding fitted is a great way to protect your outer walls, diminish the amount of sound that gets in from outside, reduce the amount of heat that escapes from inside, and generally give your property its own unique look. Timber is one of the most popular options for cladding since it takes care of all those aims perfectly, and it's particularly prized for its timeless appearance.

So, if you've chosen to have timber cladding, then you've chosen well, but you should also stop to consider the fantastic benefits that come along with picking reclaimed timber. Here are just five reasons why it makes a great choice even better.

1. Already Toughened Against the Elements

Since reclaimed timber will usually have already been used for an outside application, it will arrive having already been beaten about by the weather. If that sounds like a disadvantage, don't worry – it isn't. This timber will already have been toughened up, so it will be better able to protect your property.

2. No Change in Appearance

The weathering of your timber is also great from an aesthetic point of view. Bright new beams can look slightly incongruous, and it will often take some time for them to attain the deep brown patina that you're after. With reclaimed timber, what you see is exactly what you get, so you can pick precisely how your timber cladding is going to look before it gets installed along the side of your house.

3. Eco-Friendly

Of course, reclaimed timber is also a lot more eco-friendly than newly cut timber. Using anything that has been recycled is going to be a smart move on the environment's behalf, and it's even more important with timber since hardwood trees take a very long time to grow and are not typically very sustainable. You'll also skip the pollution caused by shipping new timber from afar and cutting it to the right size.

4. Larger Planks

Because hardwood trees take a long time to grow, they are often cut down for use before they are allowed to reach maturity. That's fine if you're making something small, but cladding requires long, large planks if it's to look its best. Timber is often reclaimed from larger rural buildings, such as barns. As a result, it will be easier to find those long beams that you're after.

5. Cost-Effective

Finally, reclaimed timber is usually a lot more cost effective than newly cut timber. After all, it will already have been cut to size and paid for once before, so people don't need to charge as much for it. Cladding typically covers quite a large section of a property, so costs can get out of hand quickly. In fact, many homeowners choose not to use timber simply because they aren't sure if they can afford it. With reclaimed, you should cut down on your costs without sacrificing the cool appearance and fantastic practicality of timber cladding.