Five Questions to Guide You to the Perfect Handrail for Your Pool

When choosing a handrail for your pool, you have to make several decisions. To ensure you get the best handrail for your needs, here's some of the questions you may want to consider.

1. What design do you want?

Pool handrails come in two main designs. The simplest is the return-to-deck design. These handrails feature two posts relatively close to each other, and these posts go into the ground just on the outside of the pool. Then, the handrail extends in a triangular shape over the steps of the pool. The main advantage is that these handrails work well with pool covers.

However, if you want more stability coming into the pool, you may want to look for two-bend handrails. These handrails are more like traditional railings. Generally, the first bend leads to a post that goes into the ground just outside the pool while the other post of the railing goes into the stairs leading into the pool.

2. Do you need a moveable pool rail?

In most cases, pool rails get cemented permanently into their spots. However, in some cases, you need flexibility, and luckily, there are lift-and-turn bases for that purposes. Popular on spas, small pools, and infinity pools, these are small back-to-deck design handrails that use a single post rather than two posts like most back-to-deck handrails.

By pressing down on the handrail, you can rotate it 180 degrees. That gives you a different angle while getting into or out of the pool.

3. Do you use a saltwater chlorinator?

Traditionally, pool handrails are stainless steel, but if you have a saltwater chlorinator, you may prefer the additional protection of marine-grade steel. That can last longer without wearing out. Alternatively, you may want to consider composite handrails. Although these options tend to be more expensive, they also tend to be more long lasting and durable.

4. Do you want a colour?

If you want something over than the traditional silver handrail leading into your pool, you may want to consider composite handrails. These come in multiple colours, and it may even be possible to match your pool fence. Alternatively, you can have a powder-based coloured coating added to most stainless handrails.

5. Do you want an artisanal design?

While the standard is pretty simple, the possibilities for pool handrails are endless. If you work with a custom fabricator, you can have almost any artisanal design added to your new handrail. Contact a local pool fence and handrail specialist for more details.