A Look at the numerous uses of scrap metal

Many people dispose of all kinds of metal and metallic materials that they deem useless. Interestingly, these metals can be collected and recycled by large recycling companies around the world. Examples of scrap metals include iron, steel, brass, aluminium and copper and you should note that these metals can be reused numerous times to create new products. By reducing the amount of scrap metal through recycling, you directly benefit the environment by minimising the need for mining companies to mine for these metals. Read More 

Industrial Ducting: Three Important Spiral Tubing Selection Options

Industrial ducts are built to withstand heavy usage and adverse environmental conditions. However, they are not everlasting, so they will eventually become degraded and fail, necessitating replacement. If you are planning on replacing your old ductwork, you should consider selecting spiral industrial ducting. This design is an ideal choice for ventilation, air conditioning and even exhaust and dust extraction. Moreover, this type of product is economical and highly durable for industrial application. Read More 

A Side-by-Side Evaluation of Powder Coating and Anodising to Help You Make the Right Choice

Today, you cannot overlook the importance of aluminium in the construction industry. It is used to make several fittings and fixtures such as doors, windows, staircase rails among others. Like many other metals, aluminium can be a victim of corrosion if you do not give attention to covering it with the right protective coating. The market has many alternatives in terms of protective including the use of ordinary liquid paint, powder coating and anodising. Read More 

Useful Tips when Hiring Stainless Steel Fabrications Company

No matter the kind of business you are in, improving the security of your working area is of paramount value. Many business owners employ different measures to achieve this goal. One of the most reliable ways you can ensure maximum security is the use of steel materials. In this case, you should consider working with the best stainless steel fabrications company for bets result. With several companies providing these services, you should consider applying the following tips before selecting one. Read More 

Why Corrugated Steel Pipes Are a Sustainable Choice for Drainage Applications

The use of corrugated steel pipes as piping for drainage systems is commonplace across Australia. On a smaller scale, these pipes can be used to direct runoff away from private properties; and on a bigger scale, they can be used as culverts and stormwater drains along public roads and under bridges. One of the main reasons for the widespread use of corrugated steel pipes for drainage applications is the sustainability of the pipes. Read More